Welcome to the Lavanya Creations Affiliate Program!

Lavanya Creations is India’s premier seller of designer merchandise and tech accessories. We bring art from around the world to functional products that provide style and utility to our users. Our mission is to bring the things you love to the things you use. We are excited to go global by extending the business opportunity to affiliate partners across the world. As an affiliate partner, you’ll earn attractive commissions apart from being associated with a premium consumer brand.

You will earn Commission on every Sale through your link

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Lavanya Creations Affiliate Program?
The affiliate program is a partnership to mutually benefit the affiliated partner and Lavanya Creations. The affiliate partner calls attention to traffic and diverting potential customers to Lavanya Creations. They can earn up to 15% commission on the generated sale.
How can I apply to the program?
Apply for the Lavanya Creations Affiliate program by clicking on above button “JOIN NOW FOR FREE“.
How much do I have to pay to join the program?
There are absolutely no costs involved in joining or being part of the affiliate program.
How long does your tracking cookie last?
The cookie placed in your visitors’ website lasts 60 days.
What are the payment methods?
Affiliates have an option of receiving payment via. PayPal, Bank Transfer.
When will I receive my payment?
All payout will be done on 7th of each month once it verified by Lavanya Creations.
What if customer returns/cancels the product?
Lavanya Creations has a 7-day cancellation/return policy. Hence products ordered through your affiliate links might get canceled or returned within 7 days of ordering. We make payments to the affiliates only for products which are not returned in these 7 days.
What are the commission rates?
We have defined our commission rates in 5 different levels as shown below and affiliate partner has to achieve a higher level to earn more commission.
How do I track the commissions I have earned?
From your affiliate account, you can track the conversions. It will be reflected in your affiliate panel whenever a conversion is made through an affiliate link. You can access the overview of these conversions on the Dashboard section and have detailed analysis in the Clicks Report, Conversion Report or Sub-Affiliate reports.
How to make extra money?
You can make extra money by having a side-business. The easiest and fastest way to earn some passive income is by joining an affiliate program. Lavanya Creations affiliate program pays you high commissions – up to 15% per sale and gives you the opportunity to get extra money the easiest way.
How do I find my Affiliate link?
You can find your affiliate link in the affiliate dashboard.
Can I use my earning to purchase anything Lavanya Creations.com?
Yes, you can use your complete or partial earning for purchasing anything on Lavanya Creations.com. You just need to click on the wallet tab and add earning amount to your wallet. You will get a coupon which can be used on the checkout page.
How does the Lavanya Creations Flashbar work?
Lavanya Creations Flashbar gives you an opportunity to generate affiliate links without visiting your affiliate dashboard. You can enable this Lavanya Creations flashbar from your dashboard.
Is this restricted to any country?
No, anybody from across the world can become an affiliated partner.
Still, have questions?
For any further queries, please drop us an email on affiliate@LavanyaCreations.com